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Orthodontic Surgery

Have your teeth failed to erupt normally or are you experiencing other orthodontic issues? Our Montreal oral and maxillofacial surgeons can perform orthodontic surgery.

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What is Orthodontic Surgery?

Teeth may fail to erupt normally and remain squeezed underneath the gum line. Impacted teeth can displace or damage other teeth in your mouth.

In other cases, patients may have jaws that are misaligned, or be experiencing difficulty with chewing or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) Disorder. Perhaps they have an upper lip that's attached to the gum with a problematic frenum. 

This is where orthodontic surgery can help. At Clinique de Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale du Grand Montréal, our oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform orthodontic surgeries to address these and other issues. 

We can assess your specific problem, then determine which treatment is required to address the issue.

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A frenum is a small fold of tissue that connects areas within your mouth, such as your tongue, cheek or lips, to your gum area.

Though they are a normal part of the mouth and do not typically cause issues, sometimes these can restrict oral function and a frenectomy is required to remove it. 

Our surgeons can perform this simple oral surgery to relieve the condition. 

If a frenum is causing issues with eating or speaking, contact us today. 

Types of Frenums

These are the most common types of frenums we see in patients who require a frenectomy: 

  • Lingual Frenum (Tongue Tie)

    This tissue connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. When a lingual frenum restricts movement in the mouth, it's known as a tongue tie.

    • Labial Frenum (Lip Tie)

      This tissue connects the lips to the bottom of your upper and lower gums. When a labial frenum restricts movement in the mouth, we refer to it as a lip tie. 

    Exposure of impacted teeth 

    Though most teeth erupt normally some may occasionally remain included or hidden under the gums. The upper canines are the teeth most commonly involved in this condition, followed by the premolars. 

    If a tooth is not visible in the mouth, the surgeon will take an x-ray to confirm that it is included. Impacted teeth can displace or damage surrounding teeth, especially the upper incisors when the canine is involved. 

    To shift the impacted tooth into the right position, a traction device must be installed. This device is a small chain that's bonded to the tooth to progressively shift it into its corrected position. 


    If teeth are crowded in your mouth, permanent teeth may need to be extracted to bring the other teeth into alignment. Some people also have extra teeth (supernumerary teeth) we will need to remove in order to prevent them from damaging or crowding permanent teeth. 

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